15/33 Operating Income Analysis (Y/Y)


This is a Y/Y comparison of our operating profit guidance. There are 3 key points I would like to make on this slide. The first point is that despite a falling topline, we will increase added value through improvements to the added value ratio. The forex impact on added value is a negative ¥8.1 bn. The fall in sales will depress added value by ¥27.6 bn. However, we expect added value to increase by ¥4.8 bn on Y/Y improvements to the added value ratio. The second point is our firm commitment to achieving ¥20 bn in fixed cost reductions, as initially planned. That said, the magnitude of cost reductions will be smaller relative to H1. This is because we will be stepping up the intensity of our activities in H2. The third point is our decision to execute on ¥4 bn in additional, rigorously selected growth investments. Specifically, in addition to company-wide strategic investments, primarily for IT, we will also increase investments for IAB and HCB in anticipation of post-COVID-19 growth. For IAB, the additional investments will be focused on improving the R&D environment and strengthening technology development. For HCB, we will make additional investments to grow sales in India and expand the Remote Medical Service business. OMRON's intention is to invest to grow sales not only in H2 but in FY2021 and beyond.