22/33 Growing BPM Business in Emerging Markets (Brazil)


I will start with the expansion of the BPM business in the emerging markets. OMRON has historically focused on raising penetration of BPMs in emerging market countries where the medical infrastructure is suboptimal. I will talk about our initiatives in Brazil and India today. Brazil imposes high tariffs on imports. The ability to manufacture in Brazil is therefore a significant advantage. OMRON started manufacturing BPMs in Brazil earlier than its peers. As a result of its early efforts to expand the BPM market, OMRON has a market share of around 50% in Brazil. In addition, we started operations at a new plant in August. By transferring production from the old plant, we have been able to improve our cost competitiveness and our supply capability. Going forward, we aim for further growth by supplying products to the growing Central and South American markets on a timely basis.