26/33 Remote Medical Service: The Netherlands/UK


In the Netherlands and the UK, we are partnered with Luscii Healthtech, a remote medical service venture with a significant track record in Europe. In Europe, we are seeing a shift toward covering remote medical services under insurance programs. We expect the COVID-19 outbreak will only accelerate the shift to insurance coverage. For example, in the UK, the NHS is targeting adoption of remote medical services in 2023 or 2024. COVID-19 will further support this move. To ensure we were positioned to respond swiftly to this opportunity, OMRON began working with Luscii from February 2019. Luscii's services are already rapidly expanding across the Netherlands. Through our collaboration with Luscii, we have seen an increase in the number of dedicated cardiovascular hospitals and wards treating hypertension that have adopted the remote medical service. Next, I will discuss our initiatives in Singapore.