27/33 Remote Medical Service: Singapore


In Singapore, we are accelerating the growth of our Remote Medical Service business through the jointly established HeartVoice. From 2020, the Singaporean government has been providing support for the adoption of remote medical services by medical institutions. Additionally, corporates are proactively investing in preventative health management for employees, further supporting take-up of remote medical services. Originally, the government had been promoting preventative medicine to its citizens, encouraging citizens to use gyms and providing subsidies for health-improving activities. iAPPS develops and operates the booking and payment systems for sports centers promoted by the government. The system boasts 1.6 million users, which is more than half of Singapore’s citizens. iAPPS is considered an iconic company in Singapore. We established a joint venture with iAPPS to accelerate and expand the adoption of remote medical services for hypertension in Asia. We are combining the strengths of iAPPS, which is its strong relationship with the Singaporean government and its know-how in developing systems and apps, with OMRON’s device development capabilities, expertise in securing regulatory approvals and know-how in remote treatment of hypertension using home blood pressure monitoring.