28/33 Global Development of Revolutionary Devices


As shown here, we plan serial launches of revolutionary devices indispensable in achieving Zero Events on a global basis. Particularly important are the ECG devices and the wearable BPM. Through our collaboration with AliveCor, we will offer BPMs enabled for ECG and mobile ECGs globally. We are also planning to launch an even more compact next-generation wearable BPM. To sell these revolutionary devices requires medical device approval in each individual country. OMRON has significant accumulated expertise in regulatory affairs, having launched BPMs in more than 100 countries around the world. We will leverage this strength in launching new devices. We will continue to focus on raising the penetration of such revolutionary devices on a global basis and accelerate the development of the Remote Medical Service business through tie-ups with local partners. This completes my explanation of the HCB growth strategy looking toward the post-COVID-19 era.