29/33 ■In Conclusion


Finally, I would like to make some closing remarks in my role as CFO. As explained today, we are taking a cautious outlook on the operating environment in H2. Based on this view, we expect sales to decline 9% Y/Y. Of course we are not simply sitting back complacently in the face of this forecast. While the operating environment is very volatile, we are aggressively pursuing opportunities as they arise in order to further grow the topline. We believe these efforts will lead to growth in FY2021 and beyond. At the same time, it is important to maintain a good balance in investing for future growth and earnings. We have decided to increase our H2 investments to match FY2019 levels, although we will be very selective in choosing our investments. As CFO, I will remain disciplined in controlling fixed costs and investments. By maintaining our commitment to ROIC management, we aim to sustainably enhance corporate value over time. This completes my remarks. Thank you.