6/33 Operating Income Analysis (Y/Y)


This is the waterfall chart for Y/Y changes in components of operating income. On the far left, we show H1 FY2019 OP of ¥25.7 bn. The negative impact of forex on added value was ¥5.5 bn. The decline in sales depressed added value by ¥12.5 bn. Despite this, we were able to improve the added value ratio Y/Y, for a positive contribution of ¥0.7 bn. We reduced fixed costs by ¥17.1 bn in H1, through cuts to manufacturing fixed costs as well as substantial reductions to SG&A. On R&D spending, we reassessed the content of our plans, making dynamic adjustments. As a result, in H1 we achieved roughly 80% of our initial full-year target to reduce fixed costs by ¥20 bn. We note that as indicated at the results briefing in July, we increased strategic investments, primarily for IT, by ¥0.7 bn.