7/33 Sales by Business Segment


This is the segment breakout for sales. Reflecting the challenging environment, IAB sales fell 7.3% Y/Y. However, although the overall operating environment was tough, we were able to capture firm Digital industry demand. Sales growth in China and South Korea was significantly higher than we expected as of Q1. We were also able to capture opportunities that emerged globally during the COVID-19 outbreak. These contributed to an overshoot of our previous forecasts. I will explain in more detail on the next slide. Tough market conditions for Automotive persisted at EMC and sales fell Y/Y. SSB sales fell, reflecting the challenging environment for our customers as a result of COVID-19 which is now constraining their ability to undertake capex investments. HCB benefited from efforts to date to expand our online channel. As a result of COVID-19 which drove a rising recognition of the importance of personal protective measures amongst individuals with primary conditions, BPM sales were strong on a global basis. Increased production capacity for thermometers also contributed to higher sales. I will go into more detail on this later as well.