9/33 IAB: Initiatives During the COVID-19 Outbreak


IAB is capturing markets that are growing globally during COVID-19. The first area relates to demand driven by COVID-19 measures. Throughout H1, OMRON was able to capture opportunities related to production lines for masks and PPE, ventilators and UV-C irradiation robots. We were able to apply our successes in China to Europe and other regions around the world, enabling us to generate roughly ¥4 bn in sales in H1. The second area is 5G infrastructure investments. OMRON was able to capture 5G infrastructure investment with AXI, our X-ray substrate inspection equipment, achieving 40% growth. To date, AXI sales had come primarily from automotive-use electronic substrate inspections, which require an extremely high level of quality control. Social infrastructure-related demand from 5G base stations and data servers, which also require a similarly high level of quality control, is rapidly rising. OMRON has been able to successfully tap into this demand. I will now discuss our COVID-19 initiatives in HCB.